Saturday, August 20, 2005


I've now met a professional blogger. (Well, as much as you meet anyone while riding the electrons.)

This morning, at the tail end of an email exchange about Eastern Europe, Adriana let drop that she blogs for a living and sent me pointers to some of her work: here and here.

For a while, I've been telling friends (or, really, anyone) that blogging is the long-sought-after pass through the great computer mountains.

I've been programming since 1966, and using the Internet for work, almost every day, since 1983. (It wasn't even called "the Internet" then.) For nearly that whole time, computers have been a boys' club. The statement "most bloggers are women" tells me that, with blogging, computers and the web are finally transparent. Invisible. The big-name bloggers are folks like Glen Reynolds and the Powerline boys. Not engineers, lawyers.

Even though no one remarks about it, it's this change that I find remarkable.

And the first professional blogger I meet is a woman. Yep.


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