Thursday, August 18, 2005

I Look Mah-vel-ous

I started this blog in order to play with blogging software. I'm a guy who learns by doing. Most of my early posts were things like "tried such-and-so." I haven't blog-blogged recently, so here are some changes I've made to the blog, in no particular order.

I made most of them just because I wanted to know if I could.

(1) I changed the look of the hit-counter. Long ago, I grabbed a hit counter from sitemeter, I think on Hugh Hewitt's recommendation. I picked a look that seemed okay, but then I saw someone's hit counter that I thought was more attractive. Turns out, it's just another sitemeter configuration option -- either one I'd originally overlooked, or something new since I originally picked.

(2) I changed the colors in my title, just to play with CSS.

(3) I put part of my subtitle in Yiddish. Wanted to know if it'd display the characters.

(4) I put a link in my subtitle.

(5) I began photoblogging -- first using Flickr, now using Blogger itself.

(6) I have a gast in shtib: the enjoyable, Ron Coleman, Esq.

(7) I added audioposts, via Audioblogger.

Content? As Fernando says, "It's better to look good than to feel good."


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