Monday, April 04, 2005

Palindromedaries: One hump or two?

Helpful people keep sending me mail to let me know my blog's subtitle, "A man, a canal, Panama" is a mistake. The correct palindrome, they explain, is A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.

One of the oldest internet programs is finger, which gives basic information about the users on a system.

Something like "finger jsh@woodcock", might give you this:

Login: jsh Name: Jeffrey S. Haemer
Directory: /home/jsh Shell: /bin/bash

On since Mon Mar 7 11:32 (MST) on pts/7 32 minutes 57 seconds idle (messages off)
Mail last read Thu Jan 27 08:27 2005 (MST)
No Plan.
If you create a personal, ".plan" file, the last line -- "No Plan" -- is replaced by the contents. It lets you tell other folks what you're doing.

My ".plan" file has always said, "A man, a canal, Panama."

That's right: "No plan."