Sunday, August 28, 2005

What's the Difference Between DIA and O.J. Simpson?

From a few years back:

Q: What's the difference between Denver International Airport and O.J. Simpson?

A: O..J. pays for his own lawyers.

Not only was the airport's opening months late, because the OS/2-based, baggage-handling system turned out to have (now, don't be too surprised) bugs, but the months of delays cost taxpayers $1M/day.

In the end,
  • Mayor Federico Pena was appointed Secretary of Transportation by President William Jefferson Clinton.
  • Cronies of Wellington Webb are said to have gotten rich doing real-estate deals for the land on and around the abandoned, Stapleton airport.
  • My 45-minute trip to the airport turned into a drive to somewhere out by Kansas. This, plus an increase in security, now mean that the bulk of any airplane trip travel between home and DIA. Well, as long as gas prices stay low ...
Oh, and now they're abandoning the Denver Airport automated baggage system.


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