Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hard Drive Data Recovery for Hurricane Victims - Reduced Rates

My friend Jack Moore of Eagle Eye Forensics, LLC sent this along. It's not free, but if you know someone who has to worry about this, you may want to send it along.

Hard Drive Recovery Offer to Victims of Hurricanes

We are offering special, reduced-rate services to victims of hurricanes to recover the data from their hard drives.


* Special handling of hard drives is required to enable data to remain recoverable!

* Even if you are not ready for recovery of your data, contact us ASAP for instructions about how to prevent permanent destruction of the data on your hard drives.

We want to help you recover as easily and as soon as possible.

Our prayers remain with you and yours.

Jack Moore
Director of Business Development
Eagle Eye Forensics, LLC
Digital forensic services for the legal community
Woodstock, GA


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