Saturday, May 07, 2005

Five Uses for Text Messaging If You're Over 15 [Part 4]

Five Uses For Text Messaging
If You're Over 15
(Or Even If You're Not)

(4) Deliver Some Reminders Through Mail, Others To Your Phone

What if you want some Backpack reminders to go to your cell, but others just to go to your email?

To show you what you can do if you're creative, here's how to combine Backpack, Gmail, and text messaging.


(This mails all your reminders to your gmail account.)

  • Next, in Gmail, click on "Create a filter"
  • In the "From" box, type in "riley.haemer+backpack"
  • In the "Subject" box, type in "[cell]"
  • Click on "Next Step >>>"
  • Click the checkbox "Forward it to:"
  • In the box next to it, which says "email address", type in your cell phone's email address,
  • Click on "Create Filter"

You're done!

Now, every Backpack reminder will go to your Gmail. Gmail will forward every one that says "[cell]" somewhere in the subject to your cell phone as a text message. The rest will just stop at your Gmail mailbox, there for you to read the next time you're at a computer.

Try it out.

Go back to Backpack and set a reminder called "+5 This is a [cell] test". Your phone will ring in about 5 minutes.


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