Monday, February 12, 2007

Of Arms and the Law: Happiness is a warm gun...

Following links from Glenn Reynolds, I got to Of Arms and the Law: Happiness is a warm gun
...: "Especially in the bands of a 10 year old. This is Nathaniel, my youngest, burning off bursts from my full-auto Thompson.

By the time we put 250 rounds thru it, it was more than warm -- the barrel was quite hot!
Yes, indeedy. Back when I was smoking cigarettes from USMC-supplied C-rations, I remember lighting one off the barrel of an M60. I was delighted.


Blogger jo said...

Hey- I can see you taking up a new hobby. Target shooting. I'll be willing to bet you a hundred bucks that you'd get really good at it. Our grandmother Stella was wall eyed and the best shot in the family according to her and our mother as well. Daddy Nub would never admit it.
Just think of the custom targets! Annoying telemarketers, lawyers, Bill Gates and too many politicians to list

7:19 AM  

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