Sunday, January 21, 2007

If only

Like shibboleths, there are jokes that test whether you're in a group. Geeks this cartoon is funny. Take my word for it. I'm a geek. My sister Jo, the tattooed lady, tells me that only men laugh at the Three Stooges. Women don't get it.

Q: How do you get fifty Canadians out of a pool?
A: Okay, guys, out of the pool.
They roll on the floor. It addresses Canadians' embarrassment at matter-of-fact, automatic submission to authority, or something. I wouldn't know. I'm not Canadian.

And the Three Stooges are too funny, damnit.


Blogger nan said...

So, I like the Stooges. I laughed when Steven told the Canadian joke, because it is PERFECT. But what are the odds that a Canadian woman would get the 3 Stooges tattooed on her butt? Slim. But if you find out that it's been done, you get back to me! I thought some of the cartoons on the link you posted under your social life were very cute. But, non-geek that I am, I didn't get most. No higher math in my life. Just bad junk novels and a ton of music. Thanks again for the Pandora tip!

Kisses, your sister NOT in Hawaii,

1:08 PM  

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