Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fighting the Last War

In the middle of a breast-beating article about the suicide of photojournalism during the Hezbollah War, the author makes this point:
"I would even love to see special inserts or mini-documentaries on how to spot photo bias or photo fakery—in other words, be as transparent, unarrogant, and responsive as you expect those you cover to be."
Many have asked why we can't get war reporting from the MSM, instead of body counts.

Where are the educational sidebars on the difference between a .45-caliber automatic and a .50-caliber machine gun? Between a brigade and a company? Between a howitzer and a bayonet?

We're in a war. These, sadly, are no longer things you can take for granted voters know.

In all these cases, it's looking like it's the newspapermen, not the generals, who have spent too much time preparing for the last war.


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