Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Crushing of Dissent. Well, at least in Canada

In case you haven't been following Canadian politics (where?),
the Liberal Party continues its strategy of using the courts to try to prevent criticism.

The most interesting failure in this was surely the most recent Canadian election.

Initially, the Liberal Party used legal maneuvering to prohibit Canadians news outlets from publishing any news about a massive corruption scandal and trial.

Unfortunately for them, the scandal was then investigated and published in detail by Ed Morrissey, on his (American) blog, Captain's Quarters, which was beyond their reach.

Canadians began using the internet, too.

The government fell and the Liberals lost the subsequent election.

Since then, the Liberals haven't stopped. The Canadian courts continue to be cooperative in suppressing dissent, but at least one site is up, here.

The piece of information you may be missing is that a leading Liberal politician, Joe Volpe, recently got $27,000 in campaign donations from the children of current and former drug company executives. We're not talking adults here, either -- $5,400 apiece (the legal maximum) from 11-year olds. Volpe argued that there's nothing in the law preventing this, then sued to have the site above shut down.


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