Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Heavy, man

There must be a good use for this, besides cocktail-party bets.

It never occurred to me that heavy water would be (readily) cheap and available.


Anonymous B A said...

OK, so an O plus 2H's is 16+2=18, and D's are 2 each for 20, so they ratio out at, let's say, 9/10ths. But old fashioned rumor knowledge always told us that "6/7ths" or "7/8ths" of an ice berg was under water, so shouldn't the darn things float? Or, is this supposed to be one of them "quantum mechanical" doo-hickeys you egg-heads are always going off about? Also, too bad they're poisonous. But wait - I think I also remember something from Jurg Wasser or someone that isotopes were supposed to be chemically identical; so where can the poisonousness come from? Hmmm, methinks I've got some serious Googling ahead of me.

3:49 AM  

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