Monday, May 29, 2006

Sandpiper Montessori and Skype

Spent some time yesterday helping set up a web page for Sandpiper Montessori on Google Pages. I can link the email address to a "mailto:" URI, so that clicking on the address brings up an email client with Sandpiper's email address filled in, but the phone number is harder.

What would be nice is to let folks click on the phone number and launch a Skype call (assuming Skype's installed).

Looks like Google Pages doesn't support "callto://" (or "skype://"). Whenever I try to link Sandpiper's phone number on the page to a call-via-Skype URI on a Google page, Google Pages sucks it back out before publishing.

I'll have to try Blogger, see if they allow this. Can I set up a "call me" link, right here?

Why yes, I can. Cool.


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