Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wearing Short-Sleeved Shirts to Work

Tattoos haven't always been fashionable, especially in business settings.

Some still aren't. When I saw a guy behind the counter of my local bagel shop with his head a perfect copy of The Great Omi.

I quickly called my sister, Jo, whose husband, Tim, apprenticed with Don Nolan.

"You won't guess what I saw today ...."

"Where does he work?" she asked.

"At a bagel shop."

"Yeah, and that's the only place he'll ever work, too."

It's long been standard practice to make sure your tattoos can be concealed by suitable clothing.

Master jeweller, Larry Copeland got his first tattoo as a guest of the German government, who objected to his dropping bombs on their cities. Only after he retired did he began letting his tattoos creep out above the shirt collar and out past the shirt cuffs.

Tattoo Art >Here's a way that he could have had all the tattoos he wanted, and even been able to wear short-sleeved shirts.