Monday, March 13, 2006

Detatchable Tentacles of the Internet

Once uploading to 30Boxes beccomes easy (it's not yet, but they say they're working on it), I can use iCal, on my iBook, while off-grid, and then synch up and use the web service when on-grid.

My iBook becomes a detatchable appendage of the web the same way that my iPod is a little, detatchable appendage of my iBook.

Another variant on this theme is Calcoolate, a web-based calculator service that replaces the less-powerful, Windows calculator whenever you're connected to the web, but invokes the Windows calculator when you're not (for those who run Windows, that is).

Next time you see someone walk by wearing iPod earphones, think of them as hectocotyls of the Internet.


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