Thursday, December 01, 2005

Heifer, International meets the Milblogs

Now that I'm Christmas shopping, what I keep wanting to see is a charitable organization that lets me give the gift of ordnance.

If only there were a web site where I could buy a few grenades for a needy Marine in Iraq, or a share of armor plating for a soldier's humvee, or even just a good GPS for an artillery spotter.

Next time I see someone wearing a "Support the Troops" button, I could tell him, "Knowing how much you support the troops, I've bought them a machine gun in your name."

Durable objects could have a plaque: "This sniper rifle is a gift in the name of The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center." Less durable ones could come with a little certificate: "This white phosphorus round donated in memory of Casey Sheehan."

Seems like it'd kill several birds with one stone.

It wouldn't stop me from also giving to Heifer, International.


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