Sunday, August 07, 2005

Spirituality, Man

Finally, embedded in this terrific excerpt, is that definition of "spirituality" I've been seeking:

[Q]. My friends laugh out loud when they read Deepak Chopra's posts [on]. But I find the posts deeply spiritual. Is that normal?
[A.] It is normal if you're a rich, well-educated but confused individual who finds organized religion too difficult to fit into her schedule and far too demeaning to her ego-driven intellect. While real faith requires sacrifice and a willingness to look outside yourself, 'spirituality' alone is internal, ego-based and easy to do. Spirituality without religion is like pretending you won the game without playing. Instead of contemplating God, you contemplate your navel. 'And it's an endless, ever-expanding navel,' Deepak might say.

Hat tip to KausFiles.


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