Thursday, July 28, 2005

Vitame Vas

A warm welcome to advokat and mirror-writer Ronald Coleman, who will guest blog here whenever it suits his fancy.

The regular reader of this blog is probably wondering how to tell which posts are by guest-blogger Coleman. I'll reveal the three-step algorithm that I've been using:
  1. Ask Fredrick Mosteller. If he says, "Either Alexander Hamilton or James Madison, but I can't tell which," it's Coleman. If he says "Bozo the Clown," it's Goyishekop.
  2. Look at the bottom of the post. If Blogger says "Posted by Ronald Coleman," then it's former child-star and E-street Band member, Coleman. If not, it's either me, or our other guest blogger, John G. Roberts, Jr.
  3. Read the post. If it's actually entertaining or insightful, it's frequently-instalanched Coleman. If not, add some trenchant and erudite comments; subsequent readers will think they're Coleman's and not actually care who wrote the original post.


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